Funeral Planning

Why take out a Funeral Plan?

If you have ever had to organise a funeral you'll understand how complicated it can be.

There are delicate matters to consider and difficult decisions to be made, often without any knowledge of what the deceased would have liked.

Many have strong feelings about the service they'd like, whether they want to be buried or cremated or where they would like their ashes to be scattered.

The average cost of even the most basic "no-frills" funeral has increased over the last 5 years by 48%, from figures, by the National Association of Funeral Directors. As this is far outstripping the rate of inflation, making provision with a pre-paid funeral plan makes excellent sense compared to saving cash in a Bank or Building Society account which could grow by less than 0.5% As we're all living longer, and the squeeze on our finances tightens, it's a very worrying thought.

A funeral plan guarantees both that your funeral wishes will be respectfully carried out just as you wanted, and, the funeral director's costs will be covered, whatever they might be, a the time of need. This is the reason why it is a good investment as you pay today's prices.

By thoughtfully taking out a funeral plan now, you will do your loved ones a great kindness, relieving them of a huge emotional and financial burden at what will be a very sad time.