Will Writing

Client Services

We offer Standard Single and Joint Wills

These are for single people or couples ( married or not) who have assets to pass to their families in the event of their deaths.

Non-Standard Single and Joint Wills

For single people or couples non-standard clauses and wording for more complex issues

Lasting Powers of Attorney; Property and Financial Affairs/Health and Welfare

An individual legal document which allows another trustworthy person such as family member, friend or professional representative to make decisions on their behalf in the event of the donor becoming immobile, due to illness or accident.

Trust Services

Trusts have been used by families for centuries to protect. A Trust is a formal transfer of assets (whether they maybe property, shares or just cash), to a small group of people knows as trustees with instructions that they hold the assets for the benefit of others. If the Trust is made in your lifetime to take immediate effect then it is usually by a Trust deed. If is it to be created after your death then a Trust must be set up in your Will.

These can protect family assets such as investment, pension schemes and property allowing them to pass to family members.

Severance of Joint Tenancy

Splitting the joint ownership of property for inheritance tax reasons.

Document Storage

Professional document storage is offered through the Society of Will Writers.

Once your Will is complete it makes sense to store it carefully. Ideally, it should be somewhere safe where no one can get unauthorised access to it, where your executor will know where to retrieve it. The Society of Will Writers offers clients of Syrus Wills a first class storage facility to keep your documents safe.

Here's what we can offer;

Free Will card given to each Executor. Your Executors will know where the Will is kept for easy retrieval.

The Will is totally confidential, no one including those mentioned in the Will are permitted to know its contents.

Storage protects the Will from being destroyed by house fire or other accidents.

Clients can also store other documents such as Powers of Attorney, Title Deeds, Living Wills and other important documents at no extra charge.

Professional Probate Services

Probate is a process to establish ownership of an estate before the tax is paid and assets distributed. The responsibility for probate lies with the executors of the Will who may appoint a professional firm to take on the responsibility. Probate is still required where there is no Will although the process is known as Administration. The Society of Will Writers Trust Corporation can assist you probate even though they are not named in the Will.

Professional Attorney Services

A lasting power of Attorney is a legal document. The Society of Will Writers can act as a professional Attorney as this role involves a great deal of responsibility and you must be able to trust them to make decisions in your best interest.